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American Express IN LA cardSo I’ve been seeing & hearing tons of ads for the new American Express IN-LA card which boasts no annual fee and rewards to be used with 60 (as of today) partners ranging from Sushi Roku, Golden Gopher, MOCA, The LA Kings, and more. Supposedly you get “VIP” benefits at some of these places, too. But who knows what that means.

I’m not certain what they’re marketing beyond the supposed “cool factor” of this card. I think I might apply for one, just to see what else is going on with it. But I’m not sold on the idea of using this card over another one I might already have.

Are they also planning to do IN-NY, IN-CHI, IN-SF cards as well?

5 thoughts on “IN LA Card”

  1. Looks like they have a Chicago and NY card. I blogged about it on and like you I’m doubtful if I will switch.


  2. The minute I clicked the comments to link to write a comment about how annoying those radio commercials are, that commerical come on. Ugh.

  3. How about an IN:OC card?

    It’ll be denied at Angel Games, maxed out at Disneyland, and it still won’t get you a parking spot at South Coast Plaza.

  4. They already have an IN:NY card. I remember seeing it when I was applying for another Amex online and I thought “Where’s the LA one?” Now I know.

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