Die Craphound Humans!

cbr.gifConsider this very advanced warning because it’s not happening for several months, but the greatest robotic rock band in the universe is rolling into to town December 2 and you must not miss them. I am, of course, talking about Captured! By Robots, and if you haven’t heard of them I’ll wait here while you go give yourself 40 lashes in shame. But it gets better. Not only are they bringing robot doom right here to Los Angeles, they’re doing it Star Trek: TNG style!! Here’s the direct quote from The Ape Which Hath No Name (because, quite frankly, I can’t paraphrase this without ruining it):

Hello kind human,
Greetings from this Ape Which Hath No Name!
I miss you, where have you been?
Oh how I love you.

Oh boy, we sure have a fun tour coming up,
We’re doing Captured! By Robots gets Star Trekked! (The Next Generation)
It’s a rock show based on the awesome late 80’s TV show by Gene Roddenberry.

We are boldly going where no robot band has gone before!

I’m going to be playing Worf, the Klingon security officer
aboard the Enterprise…. I’ve been practicing my headlocks…
but of course, they are headlocks of LOVE!

As well, AUTOMATOM has been rebuilt with big ol toms,
They sound better , I think…….but he has developed a twitch, you’ll see at the show….
Oh, and he’s playing Data, the android……(big stretch, huh?)

Here are the dates for the tour,
I hope you come out, and if you do,
dress like you’re a Klingon, or a Ferengi, or like you’re in Star Fleet!!!
It’ll be so fun!

As much as I want it I doubt I’ll be able to convince Wil to go to this with me, but regardless we should all mark our calendars for Dec 2 at El Cid on Sunset for Star Trekky robot madness. You can bet I’ll be reminding you again.