The Phoenix Is Rising

Back at the end of August I blogged about my awesome experience in a wheel-building class over at Bicycle Kitchen, the first stage in a bike resurrection project I’d undertaken to raise from the dead a sad old broken down 10-speed I found abandoned on my block last year and convert it to a fixed-gear.

Work progresses. Since the wheel build, I’ve stripped the thing bare, dubbed her “The Phoenix,” prepped the frame and forks and yesterday just finished the last of the orange-and-red homebrew paintjob portion (click the images to biggify them). All told I’ve put in about 30 hours so far รณ and apparently I’m so not the only one. Go ahead, slap me silly and call me trendy, because in today’s L.A. Times Magazine, I found an excellent feature by John Balzar on the growing fixed-gear bicycle craze, replete with excellent photos of Bicycle Kitchen volunteer Aurisha Smolarski’s hot pink single-speeder.

Next up I’ll be working with Jim Cadenhead at Bicycle Kitchen who’s been invaluable in helping me figure out how best to outfit the Phoenix with her new transmission. Then it’ll be onto other essentials like… a seat. And handlebars. Pedals would be nice, too. All in I’m hoping her inaugural ride will coincide with Mack Reed’s next Fool Moon Roll.

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  1. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the interest. I suck as a documentarian. I’m afraid I haven’t posted any section on my personal site dedicated specifically to the bike project. I usually write about it on the days I work on it, thus they’re scattered around my place: here, here, and here.

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