See you next year, Vin

Why I love Vin Scully: during the Padres-Dodgers game that’s on right now, he just described a batter as being from “Salinas, the lettuce capital of the world.” You have taught me so much, o wise one.

See you next year, Dodgers. Now it’s time for the Southern California Angels of the San Andreas Fault to make us proud in the postseason.

7 thoughts on “See you next year, Vin”

  1. Vin Scully is amazing. I can’t imagine watching a dodger game without him and his facts and trivia!

  2. I don’t think Vin would approve of you now rooting for the angels… he, of all people would understand that being both a dodgers and angeles fan is impossible… it’s akin to rooting for both the Cubs and the White Sox.

    (although he probably would of put it in a more bizarrely interesting way)

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  4. vin scully is the man i wish he would do more that 3 innings on the radio though

  5. If you’re ever driving through Salinas, stop for lunch and have a BLT anywhere. You have no idea how great the humble L can be in that variety of sandwich…

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