Electric Company

electric2.jpgI’m so inflexibly unhip that for 36 of the 40-odd months I’ve lived in Silver Lake I thought Jeff Electric, housed in an otherwise nondescript building on Sunset Boulevard, was the HQ of an actual electrician ó even with its rotation of quirkily dressed storefront windows. Yeah, I know: Little Bus.

When it finally filtered down that it was ó hello! ó an art gallery I looked forward to sheepishly paying my first visit, which my wife Susan and I did last night after I found Caryn’s post on art.blogging.la announcing the release party and interactive* exhibition there for the Quiet Life Camera Club’s first book of imagery.

electric.jpgAfter tacking the images we brought to the gallery walls and being told “thanks for the art,” we admired the other photographs before heading out back where there was a donations-requested open bar with Red Stripe beer, tons of interesting fashion choices, and even a ping-pong tournament on some spiff professional-level tables (winner to bag an iPod Nano), which I momentarily considered entering at Susan’s encouragement until I saw some of the competition warming up and also realized there’s a good reason I hadn’t played since 1989: because I suck.

Anyway, it was an excellent way to discover the truth about Jeff Electric. Tune in next week when I’ll be finding out that the nearby Silver Lake Lounge isn’t really a lounge, but a therapy clinic.

*Attendees were invited to bring their
own photos and participate in the show.