Thurman Fire Update

Yesterday, cycling my way into work, fire-fighting planes were going over my head every couple of minutes, only a few hundred feet above. I gave myself a neck cramp craning around looking at them going by — big planes, very close, pretty slow. Heading for the Thurman Fire in the San Bernardino Mountains. Weather conditions have been favorable (somewhat cooler, lessened wind), but the difficult nature of the terrain means that there was 12% containment on it this morning. And while this fire is only 1,000 acres burned so far, it is threatening the evacuated Angelus Oaks. Hopefully conditions will stay favorable. The planes continue flying today.

One thought on “Thurman Fire Update”

  1. Due to these fires I wasn’t able to go to the Firefighter Celebration this morning. I hve trouble breathing.

    Does anyone know if the health advisory is over due to the fires

    DOn Garza

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