You Light Up My Life

Of course I’m not one to advocate slowing traffic down, but sometimes it’s necessary. I was happy to see that the dangerous pedestrian situation on Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood finally has a resolution. Santa Monica Blvd. christened a new traffic light at Bronson yesterday with Eric Garcetti at the switch.

You may remember I blogged about the death of Seily Rodriguez earlier this year, a grade school student who was killed crossing the street. The long stretch of road between Van Ness and Gower was without a light or even a crosswalk. While this was too late for Seily, a new community school is opening just a block down from this crosswalk. So, if you’re driving Santa Monica Blvd., keep your eye out for the new light and of course for those that still don’t use it. Be safe. Previous posts here, here and the initial story here.

Flickr photos here. (Special thanks to Josh Kamensky for sending me the link and following up.)

One thought on “You Light Up My Life”

  1. Whoa. I didn’t even notice that there’s a new street light there and i go down ths st all the time. I guess i’m just not that observant.

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