Simonize Me, Yo


My car is dirty. I mean frickin’ filthy. But I’m a cheap bastard, and I don’t much relish paying the $12 for the standard LA-style get-out-the-car-and-wait-around-for-a-while wash. Even if it happens to be the magical day in which a place cuts their price to $8 or $9, I don’t like it. But then again, I’m also a lazy bastard, so I don’t want to go to the cheap, Footloose-style joint.

What I want is the car wash of my childhood. The one where you stay in the car and drive through, getting to experience the thrill of potenital drenching whilst keeping all snug and toasty behind the wheel. Are there ANY of these places in LA? There was one at a Shell station at the corner of La Cienaga and Olympic, but as soon as I found it, they ripped it out.

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  1. the one in which larry david gets stuck in an episode of curb your enthusiasm is called “glen-rock” and it’s in eagle rock. no guarantees on whether it’s _actually_ one you can sit through or not. i just saw it on tv and recognized it when i would drive by.

  2. There’s one in West Hollywood(ish), I think it’s Santa Monica & I want to saayyyy Crescent Heights? Definitely can ride through, but it’s not all brushes and craziness. Big blowing things of air though.

  3. There’s one at Lincoln and Pico in Santa Monica behind the gas station. As of a week or two ago they didn’t have any blowers — so you’re stuck with water spots.

  4. I always go to the one at the gas station on the SE corner of Sawtelle and National. A little bit pricier than some other gas stations ($5 or 6, I think?), but they have guys to dry your car on the way out. Buying a car wash when you fill up gives you a discount on the gas. Beware, though… the wait on weekends can be bad!

  5. The one at the Shell is on Pico and La Cienaga. I was there about 2 weeks ago. If they ripped it out, I’m gonna freak out. I’ve been going there for years. 4 bucks!

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