Shake your mixed up booty

If you’re as much a fan of mash-ups as I am, then plan to get your booty over to The Echo this Friday night, where DJ’s A+D of San Francisco’s Smash-up Derby, Party Ben and Paul V and will be putting together Bootie LA. Paul V does Indie 103’s mash-up of the day in addition to a 30 minute mash-up set every Friday at 5:30pm. I’ll be spinning a set of mash-ups tonight around 10pm on Theory Radio (tune in from your Internet).

One thought on “Shake your mixed up booty”

  1. Heather — I also plan on showing up… the first one was great, and I’m trying to get as many people to join in the fun this time around as I can. Set times aren’t completely set, but my friend Party Ben says he’ll probably be spinning from 12:30am-2am and may do an earlier set around 10:30pm as well.

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