News Flash: Adelphia Totally Blows

Thanks Adelphia, for your strategically-timed service outage which wiped out tonight’s Lost and the season premiere of Veronica Mars. May your founders be convicted of massive fraud and embezzlement. Oh wait, that happened already.

Color me irked. DirectTV? Dish Network? You guys listening? Potenital customer for ya right here.

16 thoughts on “News Flash: Adelphia Totally Blows”

  1. so it’s not just me! tried calling them all night and just got a busy signal, except one time when i got through and was put on hold for a while, thanked for my patience, then hung up on. bastards!

  2. I was pretty damn pissed about that… cable was restored at 9:45 — not like that does me any good with a show like Lost, where watching part of it will make you only slightly more confused than if you’d watched the whole thing.

  3. I’d agree with Baz. You can pick up the missed episodes via BitTorrent.

    Also, I can’t recommend DirecTV vehemently enough. They’re awesome! Never had a complaint in four years as a customer, and only remember one outage that lasted only a few minutes. Screw cable!

  4. Adelphia sucks ass. Veronica Mars, however, is freaking awesome. That premiere had me yelling, “HOLY SHIT!” long after it was over.

  5. Get the DirecTV. It kicks ass. We ditched Comcst for DTV about 8 months ago and never looked back. You’ll get more channels for less money as well.

  6. what do you directv folks use for internet? that seems to me the main benefit of adelphia, the pricing for cable & internet together.

  7. When I switched to DirecTV I kept TimeWarner Cable for my ‘net access. They wanted $45/month, but I negotiated it down to $29.99. And you thought just because they tell you a certain price that that’s what you have to pay? Not so! Almost everything is negotiable.

  8. I use SBC DSL. The DirecTV is so much cheaper than my old Comcast that any combined savings from Comcast still wouldn’t add up. It helps that I prefer DSL as well.

  9. My stupid apt. building doesn’t allow satallite dishes. otherwise, i would have so had one by now. cable sucks (it never went out when all i had was rabbit ears!!!) and it’s expensive!

  10. if anyone wants to organize a weekly outing to put flaming bags of dog shit on adelphia’s doorstep, to thank them for their wonderful, reliable service, count me in.

  11. Just saw on ABC 7 news that they’ll be re-running Lost tonight (Monday) after Monday Night Football. They said the outage was related to brushfires buring through Adelphia’s cables or something. They also said Adelphia screwed up last night and aired Desperate Housewives in Spanish to several hundred thousand last night. DOH!

  12. Adelphia SUCKS!! I called to complain and they offered me a 4 dollar credit..guess what I’m going to DEMAND a full month of free service. I mean they even sabotaged Desperate Housewives!

  13. Adelphia is horrible. But I realized that you can keep calling to sign up for their 4 month 29.95 starter’s package with free installation, and then cancel after 4 months. It’s the only way my roommates will keep cable, if they only pay 10 bucks split 3 ways a month…

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