Fire danger updates

The ever-informative Brian Humphrey of the LA Fire Department (which has an RSS feed ;) has pointed out a new feature over on the website in his story Fire Weather Forecast for Los Angeles

As we enter the peak of wildfire season in Southern California, the increasing danger of vegetation fires is apparent.

To assist you in preparing for this cyclical nemesis, the Los Angeles Fire Department is pleased to share official Fire Weather reports issued twice daily by the National Weather Service:

UPDATE: As pointed out in the comments there have been several brush fires popping up today due to the wind and other conditions. The first in Chatsworth was gotten under control, but another began there later. And there is one up near Moorpark in Ventura County and one out in Riverside County as well.

2 thoughts on “Fire danger updates”

  1. Thanks for the kind words. Please know that I posted that and other information on the LAFD blog from the confines of The Lone Star State, where I’ve been on business – and hence the lack of more timely, consistent and informative posting on LAFD matters. I return in earnest to local duty on Veteran’s Day… and can only wonder if anything will be unscorched when I return.

    Stay Safe and Be Well,


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