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In Feed me, see more, I pointed out the strange lack of an RSS feed for much of anything important on the LA Times website. Later, I remembered an article I wrote recently (‘Aggregating Your Hometown‘) which gets around this problem by using Google News. From that article:

Google News has a handy feature within its keyword news search that can help you out. Type in the local paper’s name into the form, and hit Search News. Let’s say it’s the East Hartford Gazette, in East Hartford, Connecticut. If you go to their website, you’ll find there is no obvious RSS or Atom feed to subscribe to. Bummer if you want to check the East Hartford news every day!

However, if you do that Google News Search for East Hartford Gazette, voila: local news! What’s the big deal, you say? Just another webpage! Au contraire — check out the lefthand sidebar on that search results page. RSS and Atom feeds for that very search.

Of course, searching for ‘Los Angeles’ or ‘Los Angeles Times’ will get you a torrent of news items, way too many to be useful. If instead you do a search for, say, Silverlake or West Hollywood or Burbank or San Pedro, you now have RSS and Atom feeds of local news items just for you, and from the whole huge gamut of Google News sources, not just the LA Times.

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