Dead Can Dance this Sunday – weeeeeeee!!!!!

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Sean introduced me to Dead Can Dance many years ago which is pretty ironic seeing I’ll be seeing them this Sunday at the Hollywood Bowl and he won’t. Dead Can Dance getting back together is amongst the reunion tours you should actually want to see. There are a few tickets left for the Sunday show too!

Their first tour in nine years! Dead Can Dance is known as one of the most influential forces in modern music. Blending ethereal gothic pop with textured European folk music, vocalist Lisa Gerrard and guitarist Brendan Perry first began creating hypnotic soundscapes 25 years ago. Their mesmerizing sound launched a movement that continues to resonate around the world. The extraordinary reunion will be another unforgettable evening at the Hollywood Bowl.

Dead Can Dance
Sunday, September 25 @ 7pm
Hollywood Bowl :: 2301 N. Highland Avenue / (323) 850-2000

6 thoughts on “Dead Can Dance this Sunday – weeeeeeee!!!!!”

  1. I bought tickes 2.5 seconds after they went on sale.
    We’ve got box seats and a table. Can you say GOTH PICNIC?

  2. OK, you want a review, you’ve got a review …

    Nouvelle Vague opened, they were great and got a good reaction – how could you not love a band that turns Your Favorite Punk Hits into downtempo Lounge? XTC … Buzzcocks “Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t Have)” … The Clash “Guns Of Brixton” … The Cramps “Human Fly” … Sisters of Mercy “Marian” … Bauhaus “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” (got a great crowd reaction, natch) … Joy Division “Love Will Tear Us Apart” … culminating with the Dead Kennedys’ “Too Drunk To F*ck” … priceless!

    Then, at 8 PM sharp, DCD wandered onstage.

    Holy f*ck.

    I’ve been going to concerts since 1973 and last night’s show was easily in my Top 10 – if not Top 5 – of all the shows I’ve ever witnessed. It was f*cking incredible – absolutely mind-blowing.

    The band was tighter than an ant’s arse, the orchestra was perfect – appropriate when needed, silent when not – and the sound system was amazing (if you were within 100 feet of the stage, which I was). I can’t think of a voice better to hear booming out of such a magnificent sonic setup than Brendan’s. The audience was even properly attentive (there were a few moronic fanboys screaming “ILOVEYOULISA” with thrusting fists skyward, but at times you could literally hear a pin drop – how many times can you say *that* will happen in a non-Classical Music audience of 13,478 people?)

    My only disappointments: (1) They didn’t play either of my 2 favorite DCD songs, “Cantara” or “Ulysses”. I was especially disappointed that “Ulysses” wasn’t played, primarily because it’s already so orchestral in nature to begin with, it would’ve made a perfect fit for the LA Philharmonic Orchestra backup; and (2) the pacing – alternating the uptempo rave-up songs (with people dancing in the aisles) with Lisa’s somber tone poems made for a roller-coaster ride at times. It’s OK to string together a few uptempo numbers, guys …

    It’s a bloody shame if it won’t be released like the other live shows were, if the last poster is correct. The best show to release a recording of out of the whole bunch, and they won’t release it?!?

  3. Wow, I guess there’s no need in my giving the show a review (hell, I probably will anyway). It was breathtakingly beautiful – I loved it. And I loved how capitvated the audience was. Totally amazing. Didn’t like the opening band and they actually ended the set with Joy Division not DK and called Bela Lugosi Bela Lugoosi. Heh heh.

  4. The reason that the night can not be recorded is because the Orchestra union fees were so high we could not meet them, It might be time that we took a look at how many moments have been lost as a result of union laws, I dont believe that any member of the orchestra that night would not have been willing to take a persentage of the record sales.

    things could be so different given an oportunity to work somthing out.

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