Coop’s toys

You may have seen Sean’s post about local artist Coop’s painting process, but BoingBoing posted something today that’s also pretty effing sweet – a visit to his studio and a viewing of his toy collection. His studio is on the other side of the complex from mine and a few toys are visible from the window as you wander by, but MAN is the whole thing impressive. Apparently that’s only a fraction of the toy collection, too. Sweet.

I know’s own Sean has a pretty kickass toy collection, and I have a teeny little collection of my own. Any other toy collectors out there?

2 thoughts on “Coop’s toys”

  1. I have a good sized collection of 100%, 400% & 1000% [email protected] with some BxH, Kozik, Kaws, Lau and other one offs thrown. No where near in size to COOPs collection. But, my collecting is limited to the toys and artists I mentioned above.

  2. I’ve been collecting a couple of years now and despite the occasional eBay purge, I still have about 80 kubricks and bearbricks, 3 Kaws bendy’s, 2 companions and lots of bounty hunter.

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