Buy It, Burn It, Return It…

This info via The Digital Music Weblog:

Why didnít Tower Records think of this? Because a giant chain would never risk angering the major labels. Scottiís Record Shops in NJ has instituted a new plan to boost sales among the young digerati: Buy it, Burn it, Return it.î The stores offer a 70-percent buyback of purchased CDs if they are returned within 10 days. Sales are up, as kids buy rather than let their friends burn them a copy. Scottiís benefits by building a better-stocked used-CD collection for that aspect of its business. The RIAA, predicatably, is sad, but not as wholeheartedly upset as one might guess. Talks are in progress.

In comparison, Amoeba Music‘s policy for buying used CDs is this:

We pay anywhere from 25¢ to $8.00 for most CDs. A typical price for a good title in good condition would be $3.00 to $6.00. We pay less for lower list price CDs and less sought after common titles.

It’s an interesting business model, and I’d be curious if any of the local independent record stores have tried a similar approach yet.

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