Altogether a confused Friday

I was reading a Union-Tribune story on Greyhound ticket agents being told not to sell tickets to people they think might be illegal aliens (Bus company policy irks Latino groups) when this absolutely astounding picture appeared in the middle of the article:


Now, my livid consternation about apparent racial (not to mention racist) profiling is coinciding with admiration at the bravery it takes to don outfits, personas, and attitudes like the above gentlemen… even if those elements were pretty much ‘borrowed’ from somebody else. Not to mention the name of their act — these two look to be ‘brothers’ in the gladiator movie sense of the word. ;D

But in any case, there is much more to the Greyhound story — go have a read.

One thought on “Altogether a confused Friday”

  1. Sounds like a job for the ACLU! Especially as there’s tons of European illegals who wouldn’t be challenged under a policy like the one described. Anyway, how would our, um, guest workers get up to Fresno to pick all our damn vegetables?

    I don’t even know what to say about the ad. Avert your eyes!

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