Lords of Creation

lords.jpg Continuing the LACMA-related posts of late, the Daily Trojan has an article — Exhibit explores Mayan culture — pointing to a new LACMA installation. The Lords of Creation exhibit opened on September 10th and goes until just after the new year. It features ‘approximately 150 objects, including 70 that have never before been seen in the United States. The exhibition will present new discoveries in Maya archaeology, art history, and hieroglyphic writing that describe the appearance of kingship among the ancient Maya and its cultural and philosophical foundations.’

And of course the King Tut exhibit is still going, through November.

Now I really gotta get over there.

4 thoughts on “Lords of Creation”

  1. Thanks for the heads up. I’m taking a Latin American History class at Cal State Northridge right now and this exhibit might make for a good field trip/paper topic.

  2. I feel a little weird at seeing Mexican or Mesoamerican artifacts in a museum. It feels like something was stolen from my ancestors and then I begin to think about how those civilizations were destroyed through colonization and imperialism.

    I’ll still probably visit the exhibit, but I think it’s with a different mindset than other visitors.

  3. Cindym – no, it’s not just you. My wife and I went to see King Tut two weeks ago. We were amazed by it. Amazed that things that were made 3500 years ago still look incredible.

    We were struck with two thoughts – 1) where will ‘we’ be in the year 5500?

    More importantly, though, we were struck with thought #2 – disbelieve that we have damaged / stolen from someone. The Egyptians are not my ancestors. But, their beliefs – being buried with those things, and what they brought to the afterlife – what right did ‘we’ have to take them, and put them onto display?

    I can appreciate the items, and be in awe of them. But, at the same time, I’m greatly saddened that we disturbed someone’s final resting place (even if it’s 3500 years later), and put it on display.

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