Fulfilling his civic duty?

So I just read this article via feedster or topix or something that made me giggle. According to KESQ 3 news MAV will be fulfilling his civic duty, not by being mayor of our great metropolis, but by going to jury duty! I think his time would be better spent doing mayoral things as opposed to sitting on a jury composed of his peers (other mayors?). Here is a quote from the article:

Just months into his new job as mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa has to report for jury duty today. He says he looks forward to fulfilling his civic duty.

8 thoughts on “Fulfilling his civic duty?”

  1. He should at least be issuing a statement on why several sections of L.A. had no power for 16 hours yesterday .

  2. I love the fact that our Mayor is reporting for Jury Duty. It’s an part of life. More public officials should follow suit. Just because they hold elected office doesn’t mean they’re any better than the rest of us.

  3. I’m wasn’t saying that he shouldn’t go to jury duty because he is better than the rest of us, I was saying that he already has a civic duty that he was elected to perform and sitting on a jury isn’t that duty. It begs to question which civic duty is more important to LA… and I think it is pretty obvious what the answer is. Do judges have to go to jury duty?

  4. EECUE, I’m pretty sure judges *do* have to go to jury duty. When I had jury duty at the criminal court recently, a judge came in at the beginning of the day to give us an inspirational speech, and I vaguely remember him saying something about how he has to do it too.

  5. Eecue, I found my brochure from jury duty and it says everyone has to serve, including legislators and judges. The only exception listed is for peace officers.

  6. I’m glad he’s doing Jury Duty, sets a good example. As for not doing his job, c’mon, the city of LA isn’t gonna fall apart with him gone for a week. I think most jobs really don’t need the person to be there all the time.

    Speaking of wasting time, I wish mayors, governators, and presidents would spend more time reading blogs. Maybe they wouldn’t be so fscking out of touch with things if they did.

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