High tech parking meters coming to the L.A. area

Time is running out on traditional parking meters lining curbs around Southern California. And many motorists couldn’t be happier.

Those pesky coin-gobblers that have tormented motorists since the first one popped up on an Oklahoma street 70 years ago are getting a makeover.

Soon, drivers with no change in their pocket may be able to pay to park by credit or ATM card. Those whose meter is about to expire may be able to get a text message on their cellphone warning that they face a ticket if they don’t move their car or feed the meter. That same cellphone can be used to electronically deposit more money in the meter without the motorist having to return to the street. [full story]

2 thoughts on “High tech parking meters coming to the L.A. area”

  1. Oh good, now I can pay parking meters by credit card or by phone!! You just know that will mean lower fees, right?

    First there’s the 40 cent service-charge for the pay-by-phone option. Then there’s the little bit about the new meters costing 10 times as the current ones. How long will that take to pay off? Just how much is the city spending on this little venture? Is there any connection between the company selling these things and anybody in the city’s government?

    Oh, and did you notice that the Times, amid all the breathless reporting of how we just can’t wait for this, devotes only a single sentence to the fact that Beverly Hills tried these things and abandoned them “because motorists complained that the new machines were hard to use and looked unattractive.” Oh yea, super high tech parking meters, what a wonderful idea. I hope they’re sold with their own “out of service” covers.

  2. Look, if I can swipe my card at my individual meter, fine, cool…

    But if I have to go to a kiosk… dude, how much does that totally suck? You’ll totally have to wait behind someone else to pay. I won’t even park more than an hour at Target because there’s a damn kiosk system in that parking garage and there’s always a million people standing around it trying to figure it out. Screw that.

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