Hotlinking to images is bad and evil and nasty and is totally stealing. Plus it lets me decide what your readers see. Next time I’m going to be forced to replace the image with goatse, and trust me, you don’t want that. kthnxbye!

5 Replies to “Dear,”

  1. Nicely done, Sean. That kinda of stuff’s just not cool. She could’ve at least given a nod to the site… or taken one from The OC.

    Just kidding, The OC. It’s all good…

  2. I kinda feel bad for her. She probably doesn’t even realize or understand the concept. I’ve noticed that sometimes people forget how untechy a lot of bloggers are… blogs are so easy to set up now with very little tech knowledge. Somehow, she probably got it into her head that that’s how you post pictures.

    I’m just sayin’.

    Of course, now a million people hit her blog because of your link, so I guess all’s fair.

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