West Nile Virus Warning?

As if there wasn’t enough lately to get George Costanza-ed about (and yes, I say that with tongue planted firmly in facial cheek, as opposed to say an ass cheek, you perverts), last week I was at a Ralphs supermarket in the San Fernando Valley and spotted a xeroxed article, taped above the L.A. Daily News kiosk, warning of a West Nile Virus outbreak in Chatsworth.

Specifically, the area in question was south of the 118 Freeway, north of Plummer, east of the Ventura County border, and west of Canoga.

Checking this West Nile Virus So. Cal. webpage listing recent confirmed incidents of dead birds, mosquito pools, and warning signs, I noticed that it’s not just Chatsworth, but the San Fernando Valley that’s largely been affected as well.

2 thoughts on “West Nile Virus Warning?”

  1. I’m not entirely sure why everyone is so concerned about West Nile. Then again, it’s really not a concern for a young person like myself with a healthy immune system. I think Bender from Futurama put it best when voicing his lack of concern about having a body, “Bodies are for hookers and dead people”

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