That’s it, we’re all doomed.

Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse here, what with the impending terrorist earthquake tsunami additional terrorists sea lion electrical outage apocalypse-hopeful revelationist neocons homegrown terrorists organizing in the prisons west-nile-infected killer bees disaster du jour, now comes the worst possible news:

The Anti-Christ has been born at the UCLA Medical Center. Here’s his mom:

Anti-Christ's Mother

It’s been nice knowing you. Hopefully they’ll get the Armageddon thing out of the way quickly.

3 thoughts on “That’s it, we’re all doomed.”

  1. Over at SG, one of the members wrote, “I’m sure he’s gonna expect Britney to feed him, buy him clothes, and take him everywhere too.

    Pfft, like father like son.”

    I’m using that as my standard for snark on this story.

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