the sky (may) light up

According to, (via Doc Searls)we may get to see some Aurora tonight in Dear Los Angeles. (You can look up, too, The OC, but don’t blame us if you get mugged by a sea lion while you’re distracted.)


A coronal mass ejection (CME) is racing toward Earth and it could spark a severe geomagnetic storm when it arrives–perhaps tonight (Sept. 14th and 15th). People everywhere should be alert for auroras.

If this incoming CME does hit Earth’s magnetic field as hard as forecasters expect, auroras could appear in places where they are seldom seen: California, Arizona, Texas and elsewhere.

KCAL hasn’t gone on AURORAWATCH!!!, yet, so I tried to get word down to the ‘gator catchers, but they didn’t pick up . . . gosh, I hope they’re okay.

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