Traffic lights on the fritz?

just got off the phone with a friend who said that every traffic light in the city might be out. ok, maybe not all of them but at least those on Glendale blvd north of Sunset and on MLK near the 101. This must be the terrorist attack we’ve been threated with.

update: all sunset is out in silverlake but building power as well. koga just called and said wilshire / miracle mile is dark.

5 thoughts on “Traffic lights on the fritz?”

  1. Corroboration from a cow orker: her S.O. called from Watts, experiencing the same thing. As of 1:04 PM lights are on and traffic is flowing at Sunset & Vine.

    After Katrina it should be pretty clear to Al Qaida that if they want people to sit up and take notice, poor urban areas are the last place to wreak havok.

  2. OK, not 30 seconds after posting the above comment, the power dropped from our building, too, for about ten seconds. We’re back on main power now. Taking the stairs to lunch….

  3. Power is out from Studio City all the way to Woodland Hills. That is all you Silver Lake hipsters care about us Valley-ites.

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