Street Lights On Highland…


I seem to recall the street lights on Highland south of Clinton (or Melrose) and north of 6th St. (or Wilshire) being out of power before today, but given the aforementioned (ad infinitum) power outage, it bears repeating.

It’s rather eerie, not to mention completely unsafe in terms of driving.

(This photo was snapped going northbound on Highland, and no, I wasn’t the driver.)

5 thoughts on “Street Lights On Highland…”

  1. Wow… 8am
    and LA is all over the london news.

    Only they dont tell us what is going on… Glad you guys are cool and it was just the wrong wire!

  2. I always enjoy driving a street sans lamps. Gives everything this eerie calm. I always drive ’round the Chatsworth resivoir when I get the chance, just because I like to drive a road that isn’t the usual city street.

  3. The where I grew up in Nor Cal had dense greenery and no street lights. Driving with only the light of your headlights has always been the norm for me…never even thought about it until this post.

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