Hot Gardeners?

September 8, 2005 at 2:55 pm in Uncategorized

On a given morning, there’s a fair number of hired help who are in residential neighborhoods and doing yard work outside people’s houses. And usually they’re male and of Spanish/Hispanic/Latino origin.

But this morning I saw something completely different and altogether surreal.

On my semi-usual drive to my carpool friend’s house, I saw two very attractive girls doing yard work! Facially-speaking, they resembled Jessica Alba, and age-wise, I’d say they were in their late teens or early twenties. They also wore sunglasses, matching orange caps, and tight-fitting sleeveless orange shirts. For a split-second, I thought they were the residents of the house, but then I saw the unmarked black Toyota pickup that was parked out in front with some yard tools stowed away.

I was tempted to pull over to chat to them about how unique this situation was, but I was running a bit late. I also thought about just pulling over and asking, “How much?” but figured that would’ve been misinterpreted.

Still, I suppose if there’s a valet service that uses hot women to park cars, then anything’s possible.

(Funny enough, every guy I’ve talked to about this has asked if I got any photos of them, and the answer is no.)

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