Donations for Katrina Survivors in L.A.

September 5, 2005 at 10:40 pm in Uncategorized

la.foodblogging just posted the current list of needs over at the Dream Center in Echo Park where plenty of Katrina survivors are now camped out. As you may have heard the Red Cross is not accepting material donations so if you have something locally it might be of help here. They are looking for…

1. Compact refrigerator (size: 2.7 cu ft) 2. Cribs (portable) 3. Curtains and curtain rods 4. Trash cans 5. Fans 6. Water jugs 7. Cleaning Caddies (a. Swifter Mop (disposable pads) b. Toilet/bathroom cleaning supplies c. Air fresheners) 8. Hygiene Caddy (a. Deodorant – Men and Women b. Body Wash c. Tooth brush d. Toothpaste) 9. Small Laundry baskets/hampers 10. Hair products for African Americans 11. Formula 12. Baby & children’s clothing 13. Shoes 14. Underwear NEW ONLY for men, women and kids 15. Socks NEW ONLY for men, women and kids 15. Laundry detergent 17. Dryer sheets 18. Phone cards 19. Stamps 20. Stationary/envelopes for letters 21. Coloring books 22. Board games for common areas 23. Movies for common areas 24. Computers

The Dream Center is located at 2301 Bellevue Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026 / 213-273-7000

UPDATE: Eric Garcetti has way more info and his own story about picking up many of the survivors from the airport and helping them get settled at the Dream Center.

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