Report From Black Rock City

Yeah, that’s me and Heathervescent in the middle of a dust storm on the playa here. Burning Man has turned out to be everything I expected and everything I didn’t expect. And more. To say it’s visually stimulating is understating the monumental artwork on the playa, the amazing people, the non-stop music, the fire and light shows that go on all night….it never ends. Heathervescent and I hooked up for a night of merriment and touring the playa in the “Chesire Cat” artcar. It was great to be able to see a lot more of the art installations on the desert floor…the place is so huge that on a bike it’s easy to miss some.

Couple of things that struck this virgin burner…making a community of 35,000 people in one week, where the aim is to extend yourself and create your existance as if it is a living art project is simply mind-blowing. Very radical. The attitude of everyone is great…superfriendly!!! The elements…wind, dust, heat, cold are extreme…and you have to get past that to have a good time…but it’s worth it! More to come…getting WiFi is a bitch here.

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