Aught Nine… Zero Three… Two Double-Oh Five ó HIKE! HIKE! HIKE!

ljv.jpgVery short notice and probably waaaay too early for most decent sleep-in types but if you and your tomorrow morning get off to a fast start and are looking for something outdoorsy to help kick off the Labor Day weekend, feel free to join my wife and I for a trek up La Jolla Canyon to Mugu Peak in Point Mugu State Park. Susan and I did the La Jolla Canyon/La Jolla Valley loop last March after we learned it was one of Ten Essential Hikes in the L.A. Times and vowed to return to conquer the 1,266-foot peak and take in what must be some breathtaking views (if any marine layer is willing to clear out).

We’ll be departing Silver Lake at the ungodly hour of 7:30 a.m. for the hour-ish trip to the park up Pacific Coast Highway. The plan is to be on the trail by 9 a.m. Afterwards, we’ll be rewarding our adventurous efforts with fresh steamed shrimp and corn on the cob and ice cold Coronas at the famed Neptune’s Net. Up for it?

Get there: Take Pacific Coast Highway north past Leo Carrillo State Beach and Sycamore Canyon to La Jolla Canyon, make a right and park in the lot (there is a nominal parking fee). More specific info on the Mugu Peak hike can be found here at the LocalHikes website.

5 thoughts on “Aught Nine… Zero Three… Two Double-Oh Five ó HIKE! HIKE! HIKE!”

  1. WOW! that sounds like the perfect way to spend a day. I doubt I’m in good enough shape to hike 9 miles, or I’d totally want to come.

  2. Thanks Lisa. My thinking is it’s more around the 6.5- to 7-mile range. The 9-mile distance that LocalHikes mentions includes the peak and the entire loop. We’ll be shaving off the valley part of the loop. But the climb up to Mugu Peak is gonna be a workout, so it’ll probably feel like 9 by the time we’re done.

  3. That La Jolla Canyon area is quite a space. For my group, we’ve used it in the past for our annual festivals and people go wandering all over.

    Definately worthwhile just to even walk around in the area. Of course, I’ve never trudged my 15 stone frame up to the peak.

  4. I think we all should switch back to the unit of “stones”. It feels like playing with monopoly weight instead of pounds. :)

    Enjoy the hike Will. Last time I was there the rangers were still trying to sort out all the pipe damage in the area, but that was all down around the camp ground.

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