New Orleans Benefit


At this point everyone is trying to figure out a way to help people they know, and people they don’t know in New Orleans. We decided that since we have people there who could directly use our help we’d set up something where 100% of the profits went to them to do with as they thought was best. So we set up this cafepress shop. Everything we make from that will be going directly to New Orleans and our friends there.

3 Replies to “New Orleans Benefit”

  1. Has anybody heard anything about Alex Chilton? I know I’ve seen things on a few sites about Fats Domino, but somebody posted the following on myspace, and I haven’t been able to google anything that backs it up:

    Alex Chilton would not leave his house in New Orleans. A fist fight ensued, and Alex gave the keys to his truck to a couple of friends who came to get him. Alex is nowhere to be seen and he was in a location that’s not looking too good.

  2. Mark – A few reasons actually. First off I’ve got a not in to Cafe Press asking them to forgo their commision on these shirts and sell them to me at flat cost so that won’t be an issue. Secondly, I wanted to do something that directly benefited the people I know. Donating to the Red Cross is a great idea and I know many people are doing that as well, but with these shirts I wanted people to know exactly where the money was going.

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