ELF? Nah, more like Frog Town

I just got home from a 10 day trip to Chicago and New York (where I stayed in Washington Heights, the Harlem on a hill) and was very happy to settle back in to my quiet little neighborhood. My hubby and I decided about 20 mintues ago to walk to our local water machine and refill our jug. On our way back as we were walking down Atwater Ave we heard what sounded like 5 little fireworks– at least, that’s what I thought they sounded like. Turns out there was a shooting (drive by? walk by? I don’t know) on the corner of our street (atwater and Tyburn). I know that just East of us around Fletcher Atwater gets a little gritty, but I never thought there would be shootings 100 feet from my front door. This is some craziness. Luckily it didn’t look like anyone was hurt. It looked as though they shot up an SUV… maybe they were eco terrorists? I don’t really think eco terrorists would target an SUV in Atwater, so I’ll have to guess it was somehow related to local gang activity. Either way, I wish they’d stay out of my neck of the neighborhood. Welcome home to peaceful Atwater!

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