Coincidence? I Think Not.

I’m a certified sucker for this kind of mystery marketing. So what if it’s probably just a stage-one teaser for some upcoming film or fall TV show, this billboard’s location at Spaceland a couple blocks south of the Silver Lake Reservoir featuring some strange illuminations dangling in the skies over what ó with a little imagination ó could very well be the northeasterly side of that nearby body of water is enough to make me wonder what I might have missed.


UPDATE: Katrina disaster forces ABC to delay on-air promotions for fall season series Invasion.

5 thoughts on “Coincidence? I Think Not.”

  1. Yah its from some fall TV show called Invasion I believe….I only know this because it seems like suddenly every bus is now advertising it…

  2. So, how creepy is the first paragraph of that web page:

    From famed writer/producer Shaun Cassidy (Cold Case, American Gothic, Cover Me) comes a suspenseful tale of a blended family trying to recover from a devastating hurricane and its mysterious aftermath.

    I wonder how well this is going to do?

  3. The pilot has been circulating on BitTorrent for a couple of months now. It’s okay, not bad, not great. It might turn out to be a little too slow-paced with the reveals a la Lost, but it’s hard to tell from just one episode. It has the crazy cop from Go, which is a plus.

    But I think Prison Break will be better.

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