Looks like we’re not the only ones asking questions about Sunset Junction

There’s a piece in this week’s an old LA Weekly asking many of the same questions we are. Thanks to the anonymous friend who tipped me off to it. The story is called “Fair Questions” and it’s about the lack of info about the finances of the fair, and the lack of communication between the people putting it on and the people it’s effecting.

“The man with the answers was fair organizer Michael McKinley, who operates a private nonprofit organization, the Sunset Junction Neighborhood Alliance, largely on proceeds from the fair. McKinley showed up 90 minutes late, and promptly turned hostile in the face of repeated queries.

Also on hand was Conrado Terrazas, aide to Councilwoman Jackie Goldberg. But Terrazas ducked out of the meeting just before McKinley arrived, leaving the assembly frustrated and grumbling.

Richard Miller, owner of Filamco Sewing Center on Sunset Boulevard, pressed McKinley for answers. “A lot of community members don’t know what is going on,” Miller said. “I don’t see trash picked up. You say youth programs, but I don’t know where the money is going.””

I wonder if these questions are legitimate now that a “print publication” is asking them, or are they just whining yuppies too? I wonder if all the people who fill up our comments talking smack using fake names will wear makes to hide their identity and go picket the LA Weekly offices for running a story that doesn’t just say “Tha’ Junction Rulez, Bro!”

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  1. No, you are right to whine. So, why don’t we come up with a list of all the inconveniences of living in L.A.? Just by sheer amount of protest (7 posts of unmitigated suction in four days), it sure looks like Sunset Junction tops the list of things that suck about SoCal. Let me add a few others, maybe everyone can pitch in and add some more.

  2. Ah jeez, man. This is one of the biggest reasons why I don’t check in on your site much anymore. You whine about something (or you praise something) that other people have been whining or praising for fucking years. And then, you get defensive and print an article FROM WHEN JACKIE GOLDBERG WAS COUNCILWOMAN to show that this has been brought up by others. Yeah, brought up by others more than 5 years ago. The whole point of the internets is to learn shit. Not recycle the same stories that everyone was talking about half a decade ago. Heard of google? Next you’ll be writing another post about how you discovered that there’s a cemetery in Hollywood that shows films and how cool is that. Not very.

  3. We already knew that Sean doesn’t know how to use Google. Someone brought that up, like, a month ago. This is one of the biggest reasons why I don’t read your replies anymore. Next you’ll be writing that he complains about the radio in LA and how annoying is that.

  4. Not to mention how the cops don’t tow abandoned cars and nobody from Animal Control arrested those coyotes. Don’t they know who he is?
    But on the bright note, a contributor here discovered the garment district and hey! there’s lots of really, really cool places to eat. No, really.

  5. I thought this site was about LA, actually it’s just rants by Bonner and his sycophants

    [Admin Note: 5 of the comments complaining about this topic were all submitted through this same IP address using different names.]

  6. What’s the deal with the Oscars? It’s like they think they can shut down Hollywood for a week! How long has this been going on? I’m trying to drive to Aron’s Records and there’s a bunch of stuff on the road, and they’re forcing me to take a different road than Hollywood Blvd! I’d like some transparency and would like to know who these “awards” benefit and where the money goes!

    It also irks the bejeezus out of me that when I drive, my cell reception temporarily goes out! I mean, I’ve got a Treo, which is why I post tons and tons of videos when a photo would suffice (I swear they’re not paying for the mention and gratuitous posts!), so you’d think this wouldn’t happen in Los Angeles!

    … seriously, guys. There’s nothing wrong with complaining every now and then but you guys have been pushing into livejournal territory this week. What’s next, poetry?

  7. To be fair, your quote from the LA Weekly is FIVE YEARS OLD. I’m all for the griping here at the community blog, and I enjoy most of the Sean Bonner posts. But posting a five year old article about what may or not be corruption at Sunset Junction isn’t just bad journalism, its bad blogging.

  8. I don’t know that linking to a story explaining problems with the festival that obviously go back to Y2K and beyond is either “bad blogging” or “bad journalism.” The age of the piece slipping under the radar is an oversight, but frankly I’m glad Sean posted it. It gives me a sense that the disconnect between the fest organizers and the community has just been allowed to fester and is as bad as it’s ever been, or worse.

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