L.A. radio suckitude, the sequel

As I usually drive around with my iPod hooked up to my stereo, I don’t spend a lot of time listening to L.A. radio anymore, at least when I’m in my own car. Today I had to run errands that would involve me being in the car for less than half an hour, and I had my hands full, so I left the iPod home. As I was listening, Sean’s previous post about Los Angeles radio stations sucking kept coming to mind. Then I’d switch stations, and usually would find something that didn’t suck (except on KDAY, which was playing R&B. Not hip-hop. Come on now.)

I flipped over to KROQ, which started playing the horrendously-overplayed-even-in-drugstores “My Doorbell” by the White Stripes. Due to being in the presence of other humans who were controlling the radio dial, I’ve heard it 9832987987 times in the last three days, so I switched to Indie 103, which was playing… the exact same song, about 20 seconds behind KROQ. After amusing myself by switching back and forth between the two for a few seconds, I really, really wished I’d brought the iPod.

13 thoughts on “L.A. radio suckitude, the sequel”

  1. KCRW is always a good option, they play great music, and the NPR is always good.

    I also listen to KPCC and KPFK; while the comercial radio isn’t great here, I think we have some of the best public radio in the country.

  2. Believe it or not, KROQ-LA is farrrrr superior to WXRK-NY. (I was surpised) And in New York, we didn’t even have an Indie-103 type of station.

    I come from the Radio Industry and the state of radio is dismal from coast to coast. From the lowest levels to the highest.

    I’ve done my part in trying to help: eggradio.

    But that doesn’t help us when it comes to FM. I think FM is broken and probably not going to get fixed any time soon.

  3. Music radio in L.A. sucks, almost as much as local news on TV. It’s either over-playing bazillion-sold pop songs and calling it “alt” or “indie”, or it’s playing good tunes, but which I burnt out on 20 or 30 years ago.

    KCRW is the best for new stuff, but soooooo uneven. Anne Litt, Liza Richardson and Tricia Halloran are the only ones who matter. Please, please, please get rid of the A&R marketing department known as Morning Becomes Ecch-lectic, where it’s all about the media hype and the latest Big Thing.

    My home base KPFK is even worse, but I’ll keep my mouth shut so I don’t get booted from the air. All I’ll say is it’s not the same since Andrea Enthal and 12 o’clock Rock left. Mark Torres has good taste, but I’m never home when he’s on.

  4. while Indie 103 does have this irritating habit of playing one song over and over like a drill into your forehead (I’ll never forgive them for ruining Arcade Fire for me) they are, hands-down, better than KROQ and, at certain hours (like the a.m.) than KCRW.

    IMHO, KCRW has the best electronica DJs of the larger LA stations, while Indie takes the throw-anything-at-the-wall-
    and-see-if-it-sticks act and manages to make it seem cool – when they’re not playing frickin’ Coldplay over and over again.

    Say what you like about the rest of the mix (and it’s *not* everyone’s cup o’ tea) Jonesy is a bloody brilliant loon of a DJ on his musical choices, and he lands some very cool guests.

    On the other hand, there are definitely some slammin banda stations out there, and I don’t think I’ve yet discovered the great Asian pop stations in L.A. …

  5. As much as everybody complains about LA radio, it still beats the hell out of San Diego radio half the time. Needless to say, I’m glad radio signals don’t stop at the county line.

  6. I agree that radio stations tend to “kill” songs by playing them to death but at the same time if they play too much random/unknown/untried music won’t people also tune out? Plus I believe (I am not in the radio biz) the theory the radio stations have is that most people don’t listen to the radio for more then an hour at a time. So if they play the same song two hours in a row tmost people will never know. I am not saying some people don’t listen longer but I believe that is the theory.

    The ONLY radio station that I have ever heard that did not succumb to the problems of radion i.e. having to get in good with their advertisers; being controled by Clear Channel is a station in Columbus,Ohio (yes, Ohio!) called CD101 (look it up they have live web feed) they are a truely independant station and they even have days of the week where they vow never to repeat a single song.

    But come on people give the radio stations a break, you can’t please all the people all the time. That is why your car has a cd or tape player. You remember CDs and tapes don’t you?

  7. thank you!!!! it’s really nice to hear (read?) ppl noticing the fact that complaining about the radio does and means nothing.

    when have stations ever played what you wanted to hear???

  8. yeah but i bet hundreds of other people hated to listen to what you asked for, causing them to rant about how radio stations never played any good music.

  9. Then what is the purpose of a local radio station? Particularly if it’s music. There’s no way, even in a small town, to not have hundreds of people hate whatever is playing, not matter what it is. So then, what’s the purpose? I’ve largely given up on broadcast radio for music. Radio is mainly a news and public affairs outlet for me.

    For music I listen online to 3wk, woxy, or soma. Either that or I load up my mp3 player or jump drive with stuff I find on music blogs. Too bad, since I too miss the golden days of KCRW, KROQ, KMET, KLOS, KKDJ, KHJ, and all the rest of them.

    And frankly, I don’t care about Podunk. This is SoCal. We deserve good radio, right after we get good local news.

  10. KROQ truly sucks. They should change the name to GayROQ. KROQís combination of metrosexual whining and crappy songs that sound like somebody made them up in the shower is truly the work of monumental butt fizzle. I officially removed their nauseating vomitus from my carís preset radio buttons today. They were replaced by Jack FM.


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