Fancy Crosswalks Not Just for Filipinos

stampedsidwalk.jpgReader Jory commented on my post about the decorative crosswalks in HiFi to point out that they’ve got something similar in Atwater, though judging from the comments in this thread they’re not going over very well. But it also reminded me that there’s at least on other decorative crosswalk (pictured here) at the intersection of Mellrose and Highland for quite some time. I guess the ones here in HiFi weren’t really a first, although perhaps the fact that they’re customized for the neighborhood is a first. Anybody else have fancy street crossing zones to point out?

3 thoughts on “Fancy Crosswalks Not Just for Filipinos”

  1. DOT has been doing those stamped crosswalks for a while now. I think there are a good number of older ones Downtown. Early versions caused trouble for wheelchairs due to having all the indented lines, but newer ones are covered with a clearcoat that makes them flatter and smoother.

    Interestingly, in streetscape planning for the Historic Core, the consensus was that people really don’t want them here. We’d much rather see the money spend on better street trees or fixing up the sidewalks. -e;

  2. A few years ago they put a crappy version of these things on the Hollywood/Vine intersection (“Bob Hope Square” I think it’s called now (!))

    They started falling apart almost immediatly – the inlays kept popping out. Now they just slap some cold-mix on the gap and call it done.

  3. Highland Park’s core commercial area on Figueroa has had them for a few years. The newer designs are more intricate.

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