The ’55 Dodgers

I posted this as an update to a previous story below the fold, but wanted to highlight it again this morning in case Dodgers fans missed it.

Sunday’s broadcast unique: As part of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 50th anniversary celebration of the franchise’s first World Series championship in 1955, the Sunday telecast of the Dodgers’ game against the Houston Astros on FSN West 2 will be presented to show the evolution of sports broadcasting, starting with how fans would have viewed the game 50 years ago. The FSN West 2 telecast will begin at 12:30 p.m. PT.

The game telecast, with Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully behind the microphone, begins with just two camera angles in the first inning, shot in black and white. Graphics will not be introduced until roughly the second inning and even then they will reflect what was first available to broadcasters. By the third inning “cut to” replays will be added and the fourth inning will document the introduction of dissolve replays and a third camera angle, but the game will still be seen in black and white. A fourth camera angle will be added in the fifth inning and FSN West 2 will transition to a modern telecast. The remainder of the game will be delivered in color with current graphics and seven camera angles.

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  1. Absolutely. I was afraid they were going to blow it when Duaner threw high to second and Robles bobbled the tag, but then the double-play dispelled it. Thank goodness they won in honor of all those great Dodgers in attendence! :)

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