SunJun Fun in the Sun


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I just couldn’t bring myself to walk the scant mile down to the Sunset Junction Street Fair. Maybe it was the heat. Perhaps it’s my aversion to crowds or perhaps it’s my shame of not having any tattoos or body piercings other than my ear lobes, or perhaps that my hair is flat and unremarkable. Or perhaps I’m too old, too mainstream, to averse to eating food made in a tent. I don’t drink enough, I don’t smoke anything, I’m not one for making my political statements with my clothing or with a sign.

I don’t know what the hype is because I’ve seen no hype associated with the festival. I’ve lived in Silverlake for nearly 13 years now and never felt this festival was for me. So, who goes? Did you go? Are you from Silverlake? How far did you travel to the festival? How long did you stay and what did you enjoy? What am I missing?

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  1. I went with friends yesterday and although there are the obvious downsides people love to point at (parking, hipster overload, bad bands, $10 cover) I had a great time. Then again, I was just there for a few hours. Maybe that’s the key?

    I do feel that the secret to my great time lies in two concentrated areas: aurelito and shakespeare’s mobile sound system, and the bands/djs at the upon record shop. Nothing I saw on any stage was worth more than a cursory glance.

    Also – I have to say that we felt seriously hassled at “good microbrewery” – they advertise a beergarden from the outside so you walk in, buy beer tickets, then they start frantically directing where you can and can’t drink… “Guys the ABC is going to bust us, stand on this sidewalk back here with 100 other people!” … so they want your money for their booze, but they technically aren’t supposed to be selling it. hm.

    i posted a few photos of my day at losanjealous dot com. (form submission is putting the kibosh on live links)


  2. I always try to go with a big contingent of friends. The festival is dead boring going alone(done it). People watching is probably the main reason anyone goes to be honest, just such a big variety of people there that you never see congregated like that in LA. Sometimes the music acts are pretty good (Isaac Hayes anyone?) and other times they blow but you gotta fill up the stage with something and if you don’t like whats playing you can always just walk around. But seriously it’s just a friggin’ street festival, dont really have decipher a big meaning out of it…

    Oh the booze thing, really weird as previous years you could just walk out of any bar with booze in your hand and not get accosted. A friend and I got stuck on the Good microbrewy sidewalk like yourself, so we started frantically downing our beer to get out of there.

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