Chinese Food Festival

Not having a suitable hipster uniform or knowledge of indie music has kept me away from Sunset Junction in the past and again this weekend as I opted instead to hit the sesame oil infused festivities that took place in Chinatown. Penelope and I took the Metro Red Line from Pershing Square to Union station, met up with Jim and Shannon and headed over on foot to Chinatown where we received a $2 discount on the $10 admission for taking public transit.

The admission included 2 food tickets which I quickly exhausted on some soul food barbecue from the new Spring Street Smoke House and some Seoul food in the form of a Korean BBQ sampler with kimchee… mmmm kimchee. After devouring my fare, I went back to the ticket booth and bought some more vouchers that I exchanged for a tasty taro boba drink and some spicy salty fried squid which was the highlight of my culinary adventure.

While eating in the welcomed shade of the beer garden tent, we watched various performances by a contortionist and an acrobatic circus performer. After we had our fill we headed to the Gold line, this time hoping to avoid a long walk in the hot sun, where I discovered that transfer tickets are no longer available for purchase, so I had to pay the full fare for just one stop on the Gold Line and then pay again on the Red Line, which I could have avoided by buying a day pass at the beginning of the trip, if I had only known. All in all it was a good day and a welcome alternative to the overcrowded parade of indie coolness. [Photos can be found here]