Sunset Junction suck report #1

I haven’t actually ventured the the two blocks from my house to the street fair half because I already know it’s going to suck and half because I can hear the suck loud and clear here in my house. Even with the windows closed. Even with the stereo on. Especially high on the suck level was whatever band was playing around 6PM and in between songs kept asking “Are there any celebrities here?” and then went on to play another sucky song. The parking suckatude wasn’t quite as bad as expected probably because everyone else realized the thing was going to suck also, well at least not as early on in the day. About 5 o’clock the streets started filling up and now they are packed to hell. Maybe the fact that it was deathly hot out had something to do with it as well – now that the sun has gone down the streets are thick with people looking for parking. Don’t worry about me, I took Cybele’s advice and stocked up on food and movies yesterday so I can safely not leave the house until Monday and avoid all the chaos bubbling a few feet from my front door. Oh wait, sounds like there’s some new sucky band taking the stage, oh joy!

14 thoughts on “Sunset Junction suck report #1”

  1. I was planning on walking down tomorrow afternoon (if it’s not too hot).

    I’m not sure how I feel about paying $10 though. Actually, I know exactly how I feel about that.

  2. They were only asking me for a $5 donation. Which I didn’t give ’em since I’m pissed about needing to park my car a mile away. And one of ’em looked askance at my kilt. I’ll give ’em the scratch tomorrow. I’m jes’ feeling ornery today.

  3. you just made my night. I’ve been kicking myself for not making it over there with my girlfriend tonight. She just called and said the group she’s with got through three Rilo Kiley songs before they were too annoyed with the crowd to stay. Works for me.

  4. We did venture over there in the heat of the mid Saturday day, forked over the ridiculous $10-per “donation” and spent about 30 minutes walking one end to the other before bailing back past the belly dancers on the Edgecliffe Stage and over to Baskin-Robbins. The high points being seeing two guys mock testing an extra-strength love swing in front of Rough Trade and then stopping by the Bang A Drum tent to inquire about their drum circles and play with a Thunder Tube.

    Gluttons for punishment that we are, we actually may make the walk back over there after the sun drops later in the afternoon today. Both curiosities that are Jody Watley and Suicide Girls and the power that is Chaka Chan are drawing me.

  5. i’ve lived 1/2 a block from one of the entrances for 5 years. i usually barracade myself inside my apt. w/ plenty of food, entertainment, and beer. my boyfriend and i actually cookout and watch the parade of fools walking in and out of the parade. i see cars fight for parking spots, people bumping the shit out of cars when they attempt to parallel park, i’ve seen people run over cats (!), get in drunk fights — it’s more entertaining than the fair, cheaper, and less sweaty. occasionally i’ll wander into the fair after they quit “charging” the “donation” at like 8 p.m. and walk around for a minute and go, yup, it looks just like last year, and leave. while the musical acts are often interesting over the years, you can forget about seeing or hearing anyone play. often times the sound does weird things and you can be pretty close to the stage and not hear anything other than the drunk girl beside you scream talking to her friends.
    so that’s sunset junction in a nutshell.

  6. oh i also was going to add that after being here for a few years, foot traffic seemed a lot lighter yesterday from where i was located. i don’t know if it was the heat/lineup or what, but from my viewpoint it was seeming like there were less people milling about this year than last. perhaps they’re just using the other entrance though. ;)

  7. Ahhh, thank you for this entry! Johnny and I live on Sunset & Sanborn and go through the same crap every year.

    This year, we offered to house-sit for some friends in Little Armenia. Anything to get away from the endless noise and annoyances of Sunset Junction.

    I get enough of drunk leather daddies living with Johnny, I don’t need the street fair for that. Plus all the emo kids with their Planet of the Apes comb-overs. UGH I hate this damn fair! I just feel bad for leaving my cats in the apartment, poor fellas shouldn’t have to listen to that crap either! Siiigh.

  8. Wow there seems to be so much hate for SJ on here and pretty funny considering most of you are recent residents too. Didn’t you all know this thing has been happning in the ‘hood for over 20 years? It’s part of what put silverlake on the map.

  9. marquischacha – I have a weird feeling that 20 years ago there wasn’t such a high percentage of trucker hats and bad tattoos. Or shitty bands for that matter. But regardless, if something sucks today, it really doesn’t matter how long it’s been going on, sucking or not.

  10. Waaah, waaah, waaah. I’ve been living in Silverlake for two whole months, and it just kills me that they take two days out of the year to do something they’ve been doing for two decades. I’m going to hide in my apartment and weep. But I’ll have to be careful where my tears fall, because the ink isn’t dry on my lease yet.

  11. Mr. Come-Lately – clearly your opinion isn’t valid since there’s other people who have lived here longer than you so you should probably just shut up while you are ahead. I’ve been in Silver Lake for 4 years and look at the hell I’m getting for opening my mouth!

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