I should be done ranting, but I’m not…

I just posted a long-ass rant on my own blog about one of my biggest pet peeves: lack of audience etiquette.

Tonight it was the Hollywood Bowl where I sat next to a woman who had horrible breath and hummed along poorly to the music. Then the girl behind her (who had shown up late) opened up her cellophane-wrapped food and ate her dinner loudly during the first half of the performance, stopping only to clap along (out of time) to the music. She may as well have been talking on her cell phone and wearing UGGS. I wanted to stand up and klunk their heads together.

I also read MusikChyck’s account of a recent performance at the Bowl where someone sitting nearby hadn’t bathed in days and reeked of body odor. Yuck. That would ruin my concert experience, too.

The Bowl isn’t the only place where rude concert-goers go.

Got any stupid audience member stories/pet peeves to share?

4 thoughts on “I should be done ranting, but I’m not…”

  1. Arg! I know how you feel. I went to see Coldplay out at Irvine Meadows last week and there were these people standing behind us who were talking almost throughout the whole set. It was aggrivating because when we brought it up to them they just continued to talk and blew smoke in our direction.

    Almost the same thing happened when I went to David Byrne at the Hollywood Bowl. There was a group of 40-somethings who were only there to sing along with Burning Down the House and talked through the entirety of Si*Se, Arcade Fire, and anything David Byrne that wasn’t Talking Heads. Not to mention the three (count ’em) three bottles of wine they polished off before David Byrne even hit the stage. They were all getting pretty annoyingly drunk by the time he hit the stage.

    And last, but certainly not least, was when I saw Bowie at the Santa Barbara Bowl and that dancing drunk guy was dancing into me and my date. Luckily an usher saw all that business and moved us to a better section to apologize for the drunk dude.

  2. A couple of years ago I went to see Heart at the Greek. Last time I checked, they were a Rock & Roll band, not a church choir. Anyway, I’m sitting there at the Greek, halfway through the show, basically in a section of extremely quiet people all sitting still. I had found myself inside the Church Choir section of the Greek where enjoying a concert is prohibited! I’ve never experienced something like that in my life. I saw a group of people in front of me scream at others for enjoying the show. One man physically pushed a stranger back into her seat because she *gasp* decided to rock out to the music. Yep, that’s right. Dancing was NOT ALLOWED and certain people were forcing others into their seats. It was bizarre. At all other rock shows I go to, dancing and singing along are encouraged, but not at this one.

  3. Lomara,

    I am totally with you on that. There is a time and place for everything. I would not have been one of those people shushing you at a Heart concert. But I will shush you if it is a symphonic performance. :)

  4. I was at the Hollywood Bowl for the Mos Def – Femi Kuti show. Behind me was this couple on a first date. He was an Australian on vacation, she was a local who had discovered him earlier shopping at Hollywood and Highland. They proceeded to talk loudly and non-stop through the entire show. There were brief moments of quiet after people asked them to stop talking so they could hear the show, but the lowering of voices did not last long. I was puzzled why they went to the show at all, neither had the slightest interest in the music. With the last 10 minutes of Femi Kuti there was finally an end to the conversation, because they started making out.

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