Survival Tips

Here’s a tip. If you’re going to drink beer (that’s a Tecate) while walking around in public, and then you wanna cross the street, you might want to wait until there’s a bit less traffic and maybe get off the phone. Of course this fellow mannaged to do it successfully. I’m not sure if the person he was talking to heard the horns honking at him.

Click photo for the full scope.

4 thoughts on “Survival Tips”

  1. Hey that’s Gower across from the Hollywood Cemetery. Maybe he was visiting one of his dead homies, or was there a movie showing there that night?

  2. Tar, you’re correct, that is Gower.

    I took the photo on Tuesday on my way home from work, about 10 after 6, so he wasn’t there for a movie.

    Last night as I was driving home about four guys were working on a pickup truck parked in front of a little apartment, all drinking tecate in cans and I noticed that they had at least three of them tucked into different spots inside the engine of the truck. I wondered if the truck designers also put cupholders in the engine compartment, or they just happily fit in those spots.

    I also wondered what would happen if you left those cans in there after you were done.

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