Sunset Junction Street Fair

Yes, tomorrow starts THAT weekend. If you’re not headed towards Burning Man (which starts on Monday) you’re probably at the Sunset Junction Street Fair … the 3rd largest street fair in Los Angeles!

Hop on over to one of the snazziest sites on the internets for the full rundown of acts all three stages.

Maybe someone here can post some helpful hints to those coming from outside of the area on where to park.

(image snagged from their website)

8 thoughts on “Sunset Junction Street Fair”

  1. Have your friend and/or roommate drop you off. Pray that you run into other friends at the festival and beg them to give you a lift home. Else be prepared to walk half a mile if you are going to be driving. Parking sucks!

    Yeah that website has been there for years, you’d think someone would make it a little more pretty but then again the spaceland website looks like utter shit and has always looked that way!

  2. I was working on a post about this as well but the most awesomest kick ass place to park is ANYWHERE THAT ISN’T IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE! Christ. Last year I thought I’d go to the grocery store and came home and had to park a mile away because my street was packed with junction-goers.

  3. i usually take the subway (red line) and get off at the sunset/vermont stop. it’s a short walk but definitely worth it. unless you get too drunk. then taking the subway home sucks.

  4. Yes, I was hoping someone would suggest the subway. There are two nearby stops – Sunset and Vermont being the closest and then Santa Monica and Vermont (which has a 7-11 along the way).

    map link

    I must concur with what Sean says … even though I live about a mile further away, we do get folks parking on our street for the festival. I was just hoping someone could post about a cool, lesser known lot where you could stash your car. Me? I’ll walk, thanks. And if I love you, I might let you park in my driveway.

    So, Sean, consider this post your alert to go grocery shopping tonight. Do not give up the parking space this weekend. Cuz you won’t get it back.

  5. Puke, all you silverlakers, the junction is = suck, it is nothing but a nuisance and a chance for hipsters to show off tattoos

  6. Here is my question — in the past it’s been a $10 or whatever “donation”. This year I notice it’s a $10 “fee”. There is a real question about the accounting for this entire festival, which is why I even bring it up.

  7. Anyone know which two other LA street fairs are bigger? And how many went to this years Sunset Junction Festival? I sure heard good reports…

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