pulpitlogo3.jpgOne of the side benefits (and I use the term loosely) of my relatively recent conversion to the ranks of the cable-enabled is a newfound fascination with reality television programming. Not everything, mind youójust the good stuff.

I’m so into it (and, let’s face it, kindofa blowhard) that when I got an email from my pal, the reality TV producer about his new show, I was tempted to audition. It’s called “Pulpit Masters” and basically, they’re looking for the next big inspirational/motivational speaker, religious or secular, your choice.

If you’ve got a three-minute rap ready to share with the peoples, auditions are in Burbank today starting at 5pm and tomorrow, Saturday the 27th, starting at 11am.

And yeah, it’s somewhat late notice, but hellóI figure if you’re all fired up with the spirit of whatever AND the desire for fame/glory, you’ve probably got your pitch polished to a high shine. And frankly, I’d really, really like to see someone getting the word on the Flying Spaghetti Monster out to a much broader audience.

More details at Original Productions website.

One thought on “Pundits-in-training”

  1. Did you see the article on the Onion about the secular humanists and their godless “theory of gravity”? I don’t want my children exposed to such nonsense in taxpayer funded schools! BTW, how do the Pastafarians explain this “theory of gravity”?


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