LA record producer killed by Nigerian scam ring?

Mark Frauenfelder just posted this on Boing Boing:

This chilling story in today’s LA Times sounds like something out of a nightmare. Three days ago, a record producer disappeared from his house in Topanga Canyon while making a desperate phone call for help as he ran barefoot through a creek to elude pursuers at 3:45 in the morning.

In a frantic phone call before his disappearance, Christian Julian Irwin, 48, pleaded for help, telling a friend he was being chased down a ravine by people who he believed might kill him, police said. The call, about 3:45 a.m. Sunday, was his last; no one is known to have heard from him since. Investigators have few clues besides Irwin’s glasses, found halfway down the hill behind his house, where it is believed that they fell as he ran.

Irwin’s friends and relatives say his pursuers may be linked to con artists who had entangled him in a so-called Nigerian Internet scam.

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