Fancy Trimmings

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Iím gearing up for Burning Man and in addition to running around getting provisions and dust masks, Iím in charge of making flags for our camp entry way. So I decided to go downtown to get the best deal on materialÖand wow! If you ever have the yen to make anythingÖwhether itís sewing or crafts or whatever, the area around 9th and Maple is the place to hit. There are so many choices and varieties of fabric, sequins, beads and trim that your head spins. And itís all seriously cheaper than anything you can buy retail. I scored some beautiful translucent silk to make our flags and ended up buying lots of material for sarongs and spent less than thirty five bucks. Can’t wait to try out all these outfits I’m throwing together! Yea!

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  1. I guess this might be because the fashion business in LA generates about 8 billion and is second only to NYC in this country. Not exactly a secret.

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