Biodiesel conversions in LA

I found a flyer this morning pointing me to Lovecraft Biofuels, an LA based operation that will convert your older model Mercedes Diesel to run on Biodiesel. Biodiesel of course being that left over oil from restaurant fryers which you can probably get for free. If you have a 1979-1985 300D or 300SD and are interested give Brian a call at (213)-291-8587. Sounds like they might have some already converted for sale as well, but there isn’t any info about that on their site.

4 thoughts on “Biodiesel conversions in LA”

  1. A friend of mine works at a Hummer dealership and has heard of people running Diesel-powered H-1s on “online-ordered” Bio-Diesel…you heard that right, “online-ordered.”

    Apparently, 60 gallons of the stuff is shipped to this guy’s house each month. He fuels his hummer with it and mails the containers back to the supplier. It’s expensive: practically 10 bucks a gallon when you factor in shipping, etc. And, hardly immediate as with a gas station. But, it’s ultimately very clean!

  2. I’ve read that these cars smell like french fries.

    No. I’m doing shtick. Really. French fries.

    Now every time I see a vintage Benz, I’m going to want to hit In-and-Out.

  3. According to the flyer, when you email or call, make sure you say “VEGGIE MAMA SENT ME!” to get a sweet deal and preferred service

    That place converts to 3-way engines: deisel/bio-deisel/veggie oil

    Also, only the used/recycled oil from burger and fry joints smells like fries. You can use plain vegetable oil from Costco or wherever to fill up and it’s pretty scent free. Yeah, stuck near empty in the middle of nowhere with only a 7/11 in sight, you can get a couple bottles of Criso and you’re go to go.

    I hear this place will be selling aromatherapy oils to add to the frybrid’s oil tank so you can dash away in a cloud of vanilla, orange or sandalwood…

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