Scarlett Is Okay…

The paparazzi is really making it difficult to be sympathetic to their cause (but then again, I suppose they could less about their public image), especially given recent events, and now this:

Scarlett Johansson survives car crash

According to eyewitnesses, the Lost In Translation beauty was driving near [Disneyland’s] entrance with two pals, when she swerved to get away from pursuing photographers and hit another vehicle containing a woman and her two young daughters.

Scarlett Johnasson’s Mercedes wasn’t wrecked nearly as bad as Lindsay Lohan’s (back in June, Lindsay got into a similar fender bender initiated by the paprazzi — pictures here). One onlooker said “The front of Scarlett’s Mercedes damaged the side of the other car pretty badly. Scarlett looked really shaken up and when both cars pulled over in a safe spot, she apologised profusely to the other woman. After that, they spent around 40 minutes on their phones, sorting out all of their insurance and legal paperwork.” Soon after, a Mercedes representative arrived with a new car for Scarlett to drive home.

UPDATE: Scarlett may have lied.

2 thoughts on “Scarlett Is Okay…”

  1. I really don’t get it. I don’t get why they run. Are they afraid they’re going to get a photo of them in their car? If they really feel threatened, shouldn’t they pull into a Police Station or call 911 (uh…i guess based on my experience calling 911 on a Cingular phone, you wait for 1/2 an hour and then are transferred to Bakersfield) rather than trying to pull some Italian Job style drive escape? …And about the Mercedes rep…that’s just good PR. My friend has a leased Mercedes and gets a fab loaner whenever hers is in the shop.

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