I’ve been a fan of andre’s obey plastered on freeway overpasses and beyond in various metro cities. My current favorite-t happens to be a classic black “obey”. It’s an interesting phenomenon. When I wear my obey t-shirt, people do what I say. I wear it to try to increase awareness of my fellow humans to NOT OBEY, but it seems to back fire for me at least. Or maybe they enjoy obeying me.

So today, I’m sporting my t, working in the lair that is my office, and I find out the DJ Shadow is spinning at Kidrobot in Santa Monica. Kidrobot, on the Santa Monica promenade (yeah, I know, it’s not Sawtelle.)

DJ Shadow – Andre’s Obey Head
Kidrobot – 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica
Thursday, August 25th, 6-8

Can I just say, I am so there.

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