Hello Yerevan!

Eric Garcetti is halfway around the world working on setting up a Sister City relationship between Los Angeles and Yerevan, Armenia. He’s posting about it on his blog:

“The Yerevan airport is an architectural marvel–it is like a giant octagonal beehive, with arrivals in the center and departures leaving from above. Built in Soviet times, it is a cement sculpture. The airport is currently expanding and the operations are being handed over to a foreign company in an ongoing wave of privatization.

On the way into town, we saw many casinos with names like Caesar’s and Hollywood Casino, which we learned have been banished from the city center to the outskirts of town. On the road from airport, they have formed a kinda Yerevan Strip. We also passed the brand-new American Embassy, built on one of the biggest pieces of land of any American Embassy abroad. It was impressive.”

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  1. hey shawn let’s get together and tkae a picture with the blogers to send to Eric saying HI from Los Angeles.

    LA Town Crier

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