2 thoughts on “Downtown BID Security problems?”

  1. Those jerks keep busting my crack dealer! Just kidding… personally I haven’t had any problems with them and I never wear a suit, but I am not a minority.

  2. Problems with downtown security? Not yet,as my building finally staffed two guards, just yesterday. However, I had to laugh, when reading your blog. Being, as I just walked passed by our new night-time “protector”, who was posted up by our lobby door, wide open, sitting on a card table-like chair, with a floor standing fan blowing in his face as he read the newspaper, listening to a small boom-box with green, red and blue flashing lights.

    I’m glad he appears at least cooler than he appeared last night with both the lobby and back door anchored open with two extension cords…he got from who knows where. He’s resourceful, if anything…

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